New Timmermans Hardglas management team:
ready for the future

Timmermans Hardglas has experienced huge growth during the past years. We are very proud of this and, above all, grateful. Grateful of the trust our customers have put in us and for the effort of everybody within and for our company. Everything we have achieved up to now would not have been possible without our customers, our employees and our suppliers.

Looking back at the achieved success is fantastic. Quality, workmanship, professionalism and trust (and let us not forget pure Dutch hands-on sobriety) have always been important key objectives in relation to this. The achieved success encourages us to keep on looking forward. To take the next steps, to develop further and to explore new opportunities. This also entails a new composition of and allocation of tasks within our management team.

As from 1 January 2022, René van Dijk will be responsible for the day-to-day management of our company in his position as Managing Director and as a co-owner. René has been tasked with ensuring the family-run business Timmermans Hardglas continues to grow and to prepare the next generation for the future. His portfolio will include the processes and investments that are needed to achieve this growth.

In addition, we warmly welcome Marijn Stelpstra within our management team. Marijn started working at our company this year and will further professionalise the internal organisation as the Office Sales & Supply Chain Coordinator. In this new position, she will also be taking over part of my tasks as well as René’s in addition to managing the office.

To conclude, my own role: my primary focus as director and major shareholder will shift to the strategic commercial future of Timmermans Hardglas. After all, we want to discover new markets, capitalise on new opportunities and investigate possible supply chain partnerships to further expand and strengthen our market position. I will continue to be involved in our great company although it will be slightly further away from day-to-day operations.

We are Timmermans Hardglas! Ready to take advantage of all challenges and opportunities that the future may offer! The expectations that customers have are key. We do this with the same enthusiasm and full of ambition and confidence, but without losing sight of our core values. Ready for the future and grateful that we have more than enough to do!

Erik Timmermans

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